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Fit2Me is designed for the realities of type 2 diabetes

Fit2Me is designed for the realities of life with type 2 diabetes.

The program listens to you and puts that information to work for you through practical insights and individual inspiration. It’s here to support you and your doctor in managing your type 2 diabetes.

How Fit2Me™ can help support you

When you have type 2 diabetes, it doesn’t hurt to have a little support. Fit2Me is built around you, to help you work with your doctor in key areas, such as food, activity and encouragement. You’ll have dedicated help with things like recipe suggestions based on the foods you love and motivational challenges to keep you going. And you’ll have a dashboard of tools and resources at your fingertips, including digital coaches that provide encouragement, timely reminders, and celebrations of your success.

Type 2 diabetes is personal. Your support program should be, too. There are as many ways to manage a type 2 diabetes lifestyle as there are people with type 2 diabetes.

So Fit2Me helps you do it your way, with:

  • Meals that you’ll enjoy
  • Exercise based on your favorite activities
  • Coaching that’s there when you want it

Get your personal plan today. Remember to talk to your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

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