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FARXIGA may help improve A1C
FARXIGA may help improve A1C

Finding the right medication for type 2 diabetes can be a challenge, but it’s a fight you don’t have to face alone.

Talk to your doctor to find out if FARXIGA (far-SEE-guh) may be a treatment option for you.

Because it can sometimes be hard to get that conversation started, the FARXIGA Type 2 Diabetes Doctor Discussion Guide has been created to make it a little easier. It gives you a checklist of questions that you can use to talk to your doctor, including:

  • Important medicine-related topics, such as:
    • How the medicine works
    • How it may lower A1C
    • Most common side effects of FARXIGA
  • Non-medical issues to consider, such as:
    • Cost of medication
    • Prescription coverage support
    • Lifestyle changes
  • Things to do before and during your appointment, such as:
    • Updating your medical history
    • Creating a list of questions for your doctor
    • Reviewing next steps


What you should know about taking FARXIGA

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